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Luxembourg National Day lesson

On June 21, 2022, a team of students from the Sinitsy group prepared very interesting presentations on the National Day of Luxembourg.

At the lesson, the children learned about the history of the foundation of Luxembourg, about its size, sights, holidays, as well as a lot of interesting and informative information about the Grand Duchy.

The lesson used drawings from the archive of the Kalinka school and a quest prepared by graduates of the Kalinka school.

And at the lesson on the development of creative abilities, the guys talked about the official symbols: the coat of arms, the flag and the anthem.

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The legend of Siegfried and Melusin

Luxembourg is one of the oldest cities in Europe, which grew out of the walls of an ancient castle, built, in turn, on the ruins of a Roman fortress. In 963, Count Siegfried I, the owner of this castle, gained independence and named himself "Count of Luxembourg".

It is said that Count Siegfried of Arden, being a passionate hunter, once got lost and ended up in the beautiful valley of the Alzette River. Admiring the landscape and looking at the ruins of an old Roman castle, he heard a marvelous melody. A beautiful girl sang, sitting on a high cliff above the river.

Siegfried wanted to go up to the beauty, but the bewitching song and fatigue plunged him into a dream. He woke up the next day. He returned home, but thoughts of a beautiful stranger haunted him. Sometimes, however, it seemed that he had dreamed all this in a dream. And yet, time after time, the count returned to those places, until, finally, he met a beauty. In an instant, love broke out, and Zingrif offered her a hand and a heart. The girl, her name was Melusina, agreed, but with two conditions: they should settle only near her native cliff, and once a week she should be left alone.

Hastening to fulfill the wishes of his beloved, Siegfried exchanged his lands and became the owner of the Alzette valley, where he built a castle on the sheer cliffs of Bock, on the ruins of an old fortress. Near the fortress walls there was a cliff that his bride did not want to leave. The count called his city Lusilinburh, which means "little castle" in Old Lorraine. 

Years passed, the couple were happy, and Siegfried never bothered his wife on that day of the week that she spent alone. He didn't care what she was doing. But the count's friends, knowing about the ban, pestered him. Once they persuaded Siegfried to look through the keyhole: they say, this will not be a violation of the oath.

The count, wanting to get rid of annoying friends as soon as possible, leaned over to the hole and saw: his wife was combing her luxurious long hair in the bath. Melusina hummed a familiar song. And suddenly, instead of legs, a fish tail rose from the water! Siegfried cried out in horror. Following him, Melusina ran out of the castle (really on her tail?) And threw herself off the cliff into the river. So sadly ended their happy life.

Hundreds of years have passed since then. Count Singfried is long gone, but his memory lives on. And the mermaid Melusina, they say, still lives in those parts. Every seven years, she appears on a rock and waits for someone to free her again from the captivity of the Alzette River. 

The students of the class Swallows got acquainted with this legend at the lesson and decided to create a theatrical scene based on it (04/24/2017).


Project "Once upon a time there was Luxembourg" 2010-2014

For several years, students of the school within the framework of the "Once upon a time there was Luxembourg" project   visited museums, went on excursions, prepared presentations, illustrated and translated works of Luxembourgish authors, prepared dishes of national cuisine,_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ competed in a quiz on the knowledge of Luxembourg. At the end of the   academic year, project participants received commemorative certificates.

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Excursion in Echternach

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Lesson about Luxembourg, its traditions and holidays

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Excursion to the Police Museum

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Lesson about the Oberweis confectionery factory

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Children's drawings for the famous Luxembourg fairy tale by Auguste Liesch "Ketty the Mouse"

Quiz on the knowledge of Luxembourg


Excursion to Vianden

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