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UNESCO organization in Luxembourg

UNESCO stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The main goal of UNESCO is to promote the cause of peace and security, to promote cooperation between countries in matters of science, culture and information.

The organization was founded in 1945. Nowadays 193 countries are the members of this organization. Interestingly, the current official languages of the organization are English, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, French and Russian.

We can imagine an album that contains the most beautiful, unusual places or unique monuments, parks, traditions of our planet. And all this beauty we need to pass on to future generations. So UNESCO is an organization that wants to preserve this unique album.

The list of cultural, natural and mixed objects includes several objects in Luxembourg:

- an old fortress with casemates and fortifications in the center of the capital (a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994)

- in the city of Echternach - a dance procession (part of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO since 2010)

- Müllerthal region (UNESCO Global Geopark since 2022)

- in the north of the country in the city of Clervaux, the photo exhibition "The Human Family" by Edward Steichen (was included in the UNESCO "Memory of the World" register in 2003)

- Minett, the southern region of Luxembourg, known for its biodiversity: there are nature reserves, and former mines, and a metallurgical plant (included in 2020 in the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere program)

At one of the lessons the children got acquainted with the organization and learned which objects from the UNESCO World Heritage List can be seen in Luxembourg.

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