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Sunday Bretzel

Do you love bretzel? A bretzel is not just a sweet pretzel, but also a symbol of centuries-old traditions and wonderful customs. One legend associates it with the intertwined hands of lovers, while another claims that the shape of the bretzel resembles arms crossed on the chest, and according to the third, the pretzel was invented by a baker who was commissioned by the Bavarian king to bake a bun through which you can see the sun three times.

In Luxembourg, on the fourth Sunday of Lent, according to an old local tradition, a man gives his chosen one a bretzel as a sign of his love. If the feelings are mutual, then the woman gives him an egg in return for Easter. However, if the feelings are not mutual, then the man gets back only an empty basket.

Interestingly, during a leap year this tradition changes its direction: now the woman presents a bretzel to her chosen one, and the man in return gives an egg for Easter. This extra twist makes the tradition even more fascinating and mysterious.

Thus, the bretzel becomes not just a treat, but also a symbol of love and devotion.

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