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Quest excursion around the city

This year, the first day of school in Kalinka began unusually for children of the senior category. As the part of the project "Once upon a time there was Luxembourg", the children of the Ivolgi, Snegiri, Chizhi and Lastochki groups took part in the quest "Tourist trails of Luxembourg".

In the morning, route maps, texts for describing the object were distributed in the class, tasks were set. Everyone felt themselves in the role of a guide and a tourist, and it immediately became clear how difficult it is to attract the attention of the public, choose the right road and calculate the travel time. The children managed to visit more than twenty objects and learned a lot of amazing things about the country where they live - why masks on black lanterns always follow you, where the Golden Frau was hiding during the occupation, in the wall of which church there is still a core from the time of Louis 16, where the most ancient stones tell the history about the birth of Luxembourg….

The participants of the quest kept notes so that later they could recognize the object by a phrase, a question or just a name. At the end, the guys of each group chose the best guide, the most attentive tourist, and everyone received souvenirs with the symbols of Luxembourg. But we do not put an end to this, ahead of us are new unexplored routes and roads of the history of this small country where we live.

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