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National Luxembourg Library Excursion (BNL)

On Saturday, January 14, an excursion to the National Library of Luxembourg was organized for the senior classes. Here is what Ksyusha and Nelli, students of the Lastochki class, wrote about the excursion:

The five-story library building, including basement storage, holds over a million documents and books. Despite such a large number of documents, the library has a very strict order and organization: all documents are sorted into different areas.

The reading room on the ground floor is open to people of all ages and is great for quiet work or reading. On the second floor there is a media library with films, audio books and music.

In one of the special rooms located underground, a certain temperature and humidity are maintained so that books and documents published in Luxembourg in the 15/16 centuries and later can be stored for hundreds of years. Regular visitors cannot access it. These books can only be viewed on the official website of the library, since this room is closed to the public due to the fragility of the books. It maintains a certain temperature and humidity for better preservation of books.

You can go to the library for free and the use of equipment, except for printers, and documents also does not require any payment. To borrow any kind of documents, you must have a card, which is possible to have only startting from the age of 14.

Everyone liked the tour. An advice that can be given not only to “bookworms”, but also to lovers of silence, is to walk at least once in this wonderful place.

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