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Luxembourgish cuisine

On Saturday before the holidays, the children from the "Malinovki" class studied the topic "Food".

Children talked about their gastronomic habits. We also talked about the features of Luxembourgish cuisine.

The agrarian past of the Grand Duchy, as well as proximity to Germany, France and Belgium, influenced the formation of local cuisine.

High-quality, seasonal, locally produced farm products are the basis of traditional Luxembourgish cuisine, which is full of delicious and hearty dishes, such as fresh green bean soup (Bouneschlupp), potato pancakes (Gromperekichelcher), pork neck with beans (Judd mat Gaardebounen), plum jam (Quetschekraut), plum or apple pie (Quetschentaart, Äppeltaart).

At the lesson, the pupils treated themselves to a tasting of plum jam from local producers.

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