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Right after the Christmas holidays, Luxembourg schoolchildren start making Liichtebengelcher, colored paper lanterns suspended on sticks. And they make them so that on the evening of February 2 they go in procession through their commune or district, moving from house to house, from door to door and singing the traditional “Léiwer Härgottsblieschen“, a song in honor of Saint Blaise (or Vlas).

And if earlier, as follows from the words of the song, the children asked for food (lard and peas), now they are waiting for sweets, and maybe money!

Well, if someone wants to learn the song, here are the lyrics:

Léiwer Härgottsblieschen,

Gitt ons Speck an Ierbessen

Ee Pond, zwee Pond,

Dat anert Joer da gitt der gesond,

Da gitt der gesond.

Loosst déi jonk Leit liewen

Loosst déi al Leit stierwen,

(Variante: an déi al derniewent)

Kommt der net bal,

D'Féiss ginn ons kal.

Kommt Der net gläich,

Da gi mer op d'Schläich.

Kommt der net geschwënn,

D'Féiss ginn ons dënn.

Kommt Der net gewëss,

Da kritt Der e Schouss voll Nëss.

The Kalinka school pupils also prepared lanterns for the holiday and even sang this traditional song in Russian!

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