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Discovering Luxembourg

In September-October, the Kalinka school continued to organize excursions for Ukrainian children as part of the Once Upon a Time There Was Luxembourg project.

The guys really like the country that took care of them in difficult times, and of course they want to learn more about it.

One of the first excursions was a walk around the Upper Town. The guys learned the signing of which treaty marked the beginning of the history of Luxembourg as a state. We saw the zero point of Luxembourg, the famous Red Bridge, visited the Church of Saint-Michel. They also learned about 400 years of foreign domination in Luxembourg and about the life of the townspeople, their gastronomic preferences.

The next tour took place in the Kirchberg Euroquarter, where history and modernity are closely intertwined. Following the route, the guys got acquainted with the modern architecture of the quarter, saw the buildings of European institutions, the Philharmonic, the National Sports and Cultural Center d'Coque, the Museum of Modern Art (MUDAM), the Dräi Eechelen Fortress Museum.

On the other day, the tour took place at the Museum of Natural History of Luxembourg. The children were able to get acquainted with the zoological, botanical, paleontological and mineralogical collections collected and presented in the museum.

On one of the warm, serene days of September, the guys went on an excursion to Esch-sur-Alzette. Ash is the second city in the country in terms of population, the city of metallurgists, as well as the capital of the Red Lands region. The guys walked through the center of the city, went to the church of St. Joseph, built in the neo-Gothic style, visited the new modern university quarter Esch-Belval, took a walk in the city zoo.

A trip to Mondorf-les-Bains was also organized, where the guys were able to visit the Aviation Museum and the largest national park in Luxembourg - "Park Termal".

One of the most memorable trips was a tour of the city of Eshternach, the most ancient city of Luxembourg. The children learned that the history of the city dates back to 698. It was founded by the monk Willibrord of Ireland, who walked around the surrounding villages and preached the word of God to people. For his kindness, courage and justice, he was subsequently listed among the great saints. The guys, of course, visited the Basilica of the XVIII century - the main attraction of Echternach, where the relics of St. Willibrord and other saints. The children also got acquainted with the tradition of the Jumping Procession, which takes place every year on the first Tuesday after Trinity.

And, of course, the children walked through the forest of "Little Luxembourgish Switzerland", picked up mushrooms, found and admired the "Wolf's Gorge" and safely returned home, full of interesting information and vivid impressions!

This is not a complete list of excursions. It is safe to say that the guys who took part in them learned better the history, traditions and life of this amazing country, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, which is so small on the map, but occupies such a big place in our hearts!

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