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Nëssmoort - walnut market in Vianden

As part of the project "Once upon a time there was Luxembourg" the children got acquainted with another tradition during the lesson.

On the second Sunday of October (October 9 in 2022), a walnut market takes place in Vianden, called Nëssmoort in the dialect of the Vianden region.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the north of Luxembourg, around the city of Vianden, a huge number of walnut trees grew, and the harvest was sold at the weekly city market in the north of the Grand Duchy.

And in the 30s of the last century, on the initiative of a group of Vianden residents, a nut market was organized to sell not only fresh nuts, but also a variety of products using nuts.

It was a great success and became a tradition.

Here you can find bread with walnuts, as well as buns and pies, liqueurs and wine made from walnuts, even pâté with walnuts. Many of the product offerings can be tasted.

Vianden is also famous for its magnificent medieval castle, which stands on a mountain, and the house-museum of the great French writer Victor Hugo.

Our students really wanted to visit Vianden.

So don't be surprised if your children ask you to show them the walnut market in Vianden next Sunday!


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